Thursday, December 3, 2009


So here I am trying to figure out how to set up this cool page all about me and my life.....especially so my kids can get to know me better and have fun helping me teach them!

Everyone has had some trials and tribulations through out their lives, and I will tell you I have had plenty! If you look at my life on paper it just seems like one big ball of ciaos OMG I COULD TELL YOU SOME CRAZY STORIES!!!

But I am here to tell you life isn't all it may appear to be.

I have two wonderful children, Alexis is my oldest, she's 10 and let me tell you she may as well be 16! Phew that girl is getting so big! I'll tell ya she sure reminds me of what growing older as a girl must feel like... She is smart, beautiful, funny and curious. What a combination! Then there is Shawny, short for Shawn of course.... I wonder when he is going to insist I stop calling him that! Well, he's 6 and is in his first year of school. He is very bright and wants to know everything, one of my favorite things about him is his conversation and fun loving attitude!Boy he is learning a lot and going threw a bunch of life changes....
Then there is the wonderful man in my life, Greg, who I cherish so very much. He's so fun to be around and not to mention smart. I will tell you he has helped me to grow and see so many different ways of life, it's crazy! Now this is where it gets sort of confusing... Greg has two beautiful boys that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and am very close to Cole and Jeff. Cole is 9 years old and is so smart... I know he is the guy I can turn to when I need help on the computer!!! LOL !!! Jeff is quite the opposite, but just as smart! He enjoys inventing things out of paper, tape, plastic, well just about anything he can get his hands on!
Not to leave out anyone... there is the matter of our crazy and fun roommate our kids like to call Sasquatch!! The name should tell all! I love them all and am thankful everyday to have the pleasure of calling them family!
That I am very proud to say is just the beginning of the story I have to tell.

Like I said I am very new to this and am trying to set this page up and am having very much fun learning the in's and out's! If anyone reads this and has any helpful suggestions I'd love to hear them.... THANKYOU